Superfan Games was started by two friends who were fed up with the existing fantasy sports apps. We’ve all been playing fantasy sports for years and no much has changed. Daily fantasy was a breath of fresh air but it was just a shorter version of the same thing we’ve been playing for years. What if we built a game that lets people bet on games? What if they could do that with the same people that they’ve been playing fantasy football with for decades? Well that’s what we built with our first game, Bet ’em. Create a league, invite your friends, and start betting points on games to rise to the top of the leaderboard.

Why would you build a fantasy sports company when I already have a league on ESPN or Yahoo! Sports?

Easy, their games are outdated and boring. Do you really want to be setting your line-up for the 20th year in a row? Neither do we. That’s why we started Superfan Games. We wanted to play something that is more in touch with what is happening all around us, sports betting. Our first game is called Bet ’em and it allows you to compete with the same people in your other league, but you bet points to see who can move up the leaderboard. There is a reason why sports betting is growing so fast, it’s really fun. It’s also really expensive. Superfan Games provides people with a safe betting environment where you can bet and compete with your friends.

We’re going to work at making the best fantasy sports games you can find. If you have an idea, drop us a line and we’ll work out the details to bring as many types of games to our platform as possible.