Pick ’em

How to Play

Pick who you think will win each game and win a point for all correct picks. The person with the most correct picks at the end of the week is the weekly winner. The person with the most correct picks at the end of the season is the champion.

Setting up Your League

To setup your league, click on the “Create League” button. In the form, you must create a name for your league. After that you can decide whether to add in moneyball picks or tie-breakers. See below for more information on what a moneyball pick and tie-breaker is.

What’s a Moneyball Pick?

A moneyball pick is a pick on a team that is worth an additional amount of points each week. Throughout the course of a season, each team can only be used once for the moneyball pick so use it wisely. Once you use a team, you cannot use them again.

The commissioner decides how many additional points a moneyball pick is worth and it can change throughout the season. So make sure to check the league settings to see how much a moneyball is worth. If money ball is turned on, you should make a pick every week, no reason not to.

How Does the Tie-Breaker Work?

In an effort to only have 1 weekly winner, when tie-breakers are turned on, members of the league can enter what they think the total score will be for the last game of the week. The person with the closest number to the total is the weekly winner. In the unlikely event that two people end up with the same number of picks and the same tie-breaker number, two or more weekly winners will be selected.