Superfan Games is putting together an NFL Playoffs 2022 pick ’em pool. Pick who will win each game and you have (1) moneyball pick worth 5 points. This contest will start on Saturday with the start of the Raiders-Bengals game until the Super Bowl. 

Signing Up

You can enter the league by following this link:

Buy-In and Payout

The buy-in amount for the pool is $50. Payment must be submitted to LeagueSafe before the start of the first game. Please use the same email address you use to sign-up for Superfan as the email address you use on LeagueSafe. 
Payout will be 80% to first place, 15% to second place, and 5% to third place.

LeagueSafe link:


Pick the winner of each game from the Wild Card weekend until the Super Bowl. In the event of a tie, we’ll use the total score for the Super Bowl as the tie-breaker.

You also have (1) moneyball pick to use for the entire playoffs. This pick is worth 5 points so make sure to choose wisely since you only get to pick once.


For winning pick, you will be awarded 1 point. You have (1) moneyball pick worth 5 points. Getting the moneyball pick right will make or break your entry so choose wisely. Most cumulative total points wins the contest.

See you in the competition!