Bet ’em

How to Play

Bet ’em is a fantasy sportsbook that allows you to bet points on the money line, spread, and over/under. The person with the most points at the end of the season is the champion. Go to the sportsbook, place as many bets as you would like, and then track them under Picks. You can see how you’re doing over the course of the season on the leaderboard.

Setting Up Your League

To set up your league, click on Create League. The first thing you’ll need to do is name your league. Don’t worry, you can change this at any time. After that, you’ll need to choose which leagues you want to include for betting. For example, you can choose only college football or only NFL. Or you can always choose all of them! 

Next, you’ll get to set the amount of starting points. We recommend 10,000 points. It allows league members to test out some betting strategies and also make some big picks. 

For bet penalty, please see the next section. 

Lastly, you can set minimum and maximum bet amounts. We recommend leaving this blank unless you really understand what it means. 

What is Bet Penalty?

To help your friendly commissioner, we allow the commissioner to set a percentage to deduct from a user if they choose to cancel a bet. We have heard that commissioners spend a lot of time canceling bets and our solution was to allow the commissioner to set an amount to be deducted from the bet when it goes back to the league member’s bankroll. For example, if I make a 1,000 point bet. Then I decide to void it, when I click the trashcan and confirm, I’ll see how many points I’m penalized to void the pick. In this example, if the penalty is 25%, I’ll receive 750 points back and pay a 250 point penalty.

How to Make a Bet

First, you need to join or create a Bet ’em league. Once you’re in the league, you can click on New Pick for iOS or Make Picks on the web. When you’re on the make picks page, you’ll see three different bets for each game. The moneyline bet is who do you think is going to win.

What is a Parlay or a Teaser?

In short, a parlay is multiple bets put into one. I want to bet that the 49ers and the Rams will both cover the spread. I can put both spreads on one bet slip and parlay the two picks meaning both teams need to cover or else I win. Every leg (bet) in a parlay has to cover to win the bet.

A teaser is a way of betting on two or more games and it allows you to alter the point spread. For football, the teaser amount of points is 6. Teasers can be applied to spread and over/under bets. For example, if the point spread is -8 for the Miami Dolphins to cover, with a teaser the Miami Dophins become -2. An over/under example would be if the Saints vs. Cowboys over/under is 52.5, an under bet would move the number to 58.5. An over bet would lower the number to 46.5.

How do I Read the Odds?

Superfan Games uses American odds and the easiest way to read these are pretending you are betting $100. If the odds are a positive number, then your $100 bet would win you the odds amount. For example if the Rams are +125 against the Chiefs and you bet $100 on the Rams, you’ll get back your $100 + $125 for a total of $225.

If the odds are a negative number, then you would have to bet the amount of the odds to win $100. For example, if the odds are -400 for the Chiefs to beat the Jets, then you’d have to bet $400 to win $100.